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Unique French hypercar Delage D12 will arise in 2023

In the bowels of a two-seater hypercar will hide a 7.6-liter gasoline unit and an electric motor

The French, frankly speaking, do not know how to hold the top in the segment of daily hatchbacks, crossovers and sedans. But at the same time, they are really good at hypercars. We do not speak about Bugatti now.

New in the automotive world, the company Delage has announced a working prototype under the index D12. This is an unusual sports car, with the arrangement of seats one behind the other. This solution allowed to solve a lot of aerodynamic problems, and to achieve impressive performance.

Необычная и мощная

The Delage D12 is powered by a 7.6-liter atmospheric petrol V12, assisted by an electric motor. The total output of the unit is 1,115 horsepower. That's not much compared to the Bugatti, but the Delage is lightweight, which gives it a particular advantage.

The first examples will arrive to customers in 2023.