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A competitor to the Porsche Taycan has been unveiled. DeLorean shown in off

After the first novelty in the form of a fastback Alpha5, the model range will add a number of new products with a flagship crossover

This is truly a historic event! The one and only DMC-12 from the sci-fi movie "Back to the Future" has been given a modern makeover. Steve Wine, who lives in the state of Texas, has been the head of DeLorean since 1995. Until recently, the company specialized in restoring existing copies of the DMC-12. A little later, a number of stories shrouded in rumors appeared online about the appearance of a new model in the brand's lineup in the form of an electric car. Confirmation of this information were several official teasers published on the official portal of the car brand.

До 88 миль за 4

The chic design was developed in collaboration with Italdesign. The unique headlamp along with the original architecture of the faceted hood and athletic bumper with a massive air intake, remotely repeat a certain concept of the model from the last century. Much more references to the original could be found on the stern. These are the grille with horizontal slats on the rear window, the short rear overhang with a descending roof line and the intermittent graphic pattern of the rear lights.

Новая легенда из прошлого

The DeLorean Alpha5 extends 4,995mm in length, 2,044mm in width, and 1,370mm in height. The strikingly unique body has an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.23.

The interior of the DeLorean Alpha5, with four separate seats, is designed in a minimalist style, while imbued with a number of technologies. The virtual instrument panel has a somewhat classic design. The multimedia display is part of the center tunnel.

Салон по мотивам классики

The DeLorean Alpha5 will be powered by several electric motors. The power of the unit is still kept secret. The supposed acceleration up to a hundred km/hour will not exceed 3 seconds. Its 100 kWh battery will be enough to travel 482 kilometers on a single charge. The first batch will be a limited edition of 88 copies. The official premiere is scheduled for August 18.