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"Rubik's Cube" from China. Beijing crossover Rubik Cube will be out soon

The price of the youth parkett with a stylish design ranges from 940,000 to 1,290,000 rubles.

Chinese automakers are introducing more and more cars for the younger generation. The next novelty is the Beijing Rubik Cube, for which pre-orders will start at the end of this month, and the crossover will arrive at dealers in early July. The SUV is the company's first model with an internal combustion engine and Hongmeng OS. Prices start at an amount equivalent to 940,000 rubles. For the senior modification will have to pay 1,290,000.

Кросс с внешностью электрокара

Beijing Rubik Cube has a rather bright exterior in the corporate style of Diamond Stars, emphasized by the contrasting color of the body. The daytime running lights with a unique graphic pattern are connected by a tinted bar. Below is a frameless grille that flows into the central air intake of the muscular bumper, with the main headlight assembly integrated into it.

The impetuous silhouette is highlighted by a narrow glazing line, flowing shapes and rounded wheel arches framed by a strip of unpainted plastic. The stern lights have an original graphic signature, which is joined by a stripe with the letter brand name. All this is complemented by a modest spoiler on the fifth door and a massive diffuser.

Спортивный стиль и цифровые технологии

The interior of Beijing Rubik Cube is crowned by a central panel with futuristic side air deflectors. Behind the multifunctional steering wheel there are virtual scales. A hovering 14.6-inch multimedia touchscreen soars above the center console. There is also a 60-inch AR-HUD projection display.

Under the hood of the crossover there is a 1.5-liter gasoline "turbo four" with 187 horsepower and 305 Nm, transferring these efforts through a seven-band "robot" to the front axle. The parkette copes with the 0-100 discipline in 7.84 seconds.