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The Chevrolet Blazer 2024 is an electric crossover with great potential

Electric SUV differs significantly from the model of the same name, equipped with a traditional internal combustion engine

In the foreseeable future, all legendary models will turn into purebred electric cars. Another confirmation of this is the recently announced Chevrolet Blazer 2024. Despite its modest size, it boasts excellent dynamic performance.

Не похожий на топливную версию

The front is represented by the T-shaped daytime running lights, whose graphics are complemented by strips placed on the edges of the illuminated brand logo. Below the main headlight unit, there are relief side air intakes that transition into a single panel, below which there is a central air intake supported by a curved splitter. The body profile is highlighted by pronounced bumps, a contrasting roof, contoured glossy decoration running along the bottom of the doors and arches. Depending on the version, the wheels can be 19, 21, or 22 inches. The stern has a luggage door of complex architecture and separate lights with the original graphic signature. Each modification is notable for different aerodynamic dodger elements.

Цифровые технологии с элементами классики

The interior of the Chevrolet Blazer is adorned with chrome cylindrical air deflectors. A multifunction three-spoke steering wheel hides a huge cockpit, combining an 11-inch virtual scale panel and a 17.7-inch multimedia touchscreen. The navigation system will constantly inform the driver of the nearest charging terminals. In expensive modifications, in addition to a number of aids autopilot Super Cruiser will be available. The latter allows you to remove your hands from the steering wheel on some parts of the track.

Почти 500 км без подзарядки

The Chevrolet Blazer is powered by a twin-engine setup, with one on each axle. The total output of the system is 557 horsepower. The first "hundred" is given to the SUV, in a little less than 4 seconds. There are three versions in total in the lineup, the range of which lies in the range from 398 to 472 km. Prices for the novelty will start from the amount equivalent to $43869.93. The first copies will arrive at local dealers next summer.