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The stylish Volkswagen Tayron crossover has undergone a planned upgrade

The compact SUV is available exclusively on the market in the Middle Kingdom. The pre-styled version has been on sale since 2018

The Volkswagen Tayron crossover is the Chinese equivalent of the Tiguan. It is slightly longer than its standard version, but, at the same time, shorter than the extended version. The model stands out for its original body shape, has five seats, but is technically fully unified with the European version. The Tayron was first announced in China in 2018, and a little later the Tayron GTE hybrid variant and the Tayron X coupe version appeared in the lineup. Now it's time for a planned update of the entire model range.

Купеобразная версия SUV

The changes have affected the front and the stern of the SUV, which retained the relief body profile with pronounced bumps and volume angular arches, which now hides the new original pattern of two-tone wheel rims. Between the LED headlights, presented in the form of inverted trapezoid headlights, placed a new grille with the filling in the form of " floating" X-shaped elements. All this is packed in an athletic bumper with three air intakes, decorated at the edges with vertical fog lights. The rear lights are embodied in a single module, which received a unique graphic signature. The rear bumper has a contrasting diffuser-like insert, in which decorative inserts in the form of separate exhaust pipes are integrated.

Кроссовер стал спортивнее

The interior of the Volkswagen Tayron has become more technologically advanced. A 12-inch multimedia screen now rises above the central console, replacing the 9.2-inch screen. The climate control unit is controlled with touch keys. If not this the inner world has not changed much.

Интерьер китайского Тигуана

Technically, there are no revelations. The Volkswagen Tayron can hide under the hood a 1.4-liter gasoline turbo engine with 150 horsepower, or a 2.0-liter "turbo four". In the case of front-wheel drive, the output is 186 horsepower, and if it is all-wheel drive, 220. The Tayron X is equipped exclusively with two-liter units. The hybrid version is built on the standart internal combustion engine, which together with the electric motor generates 211 horsepower. No-Alternative dedicated 7-band robotized "automatic" is responsible for gear change in fuel modifications, and in the hybrid there is a 6-gear "robot".

Prices for new items have not been announced yet. At the same time, the pre-reform base version is priced at 29,495.93 USD, translated at the current exchange rate.