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A hypercar with an ambiguous design - Ariel Hipercar is presented

The model, which took 5 years to develop, stands out for its impressive dynamics, relatively modest price and unique design

No matter how useful the car is, the first thing that catches the eye is the look. The pre-production Ariel Hipercar has just this particular problem. The fact is that the design is based entirely on the laws of aerodynamics. The power structure of the hypercar is based on an aluminum monocoque to which winged metal subframes are attached. All other body elements are made of carbon fiber.

Самый необычный из самых необычных

In the beginning, the project implied a hybrid powertrain, but the prototype has become something else. Each wheel turns a separate electric motor with 299 hp and 450 Nm. They are all powered by a 47-horsepower gas turbine and a liquid-cooled battery pack. The total output is 1,196 hp. Exact dynamic characteristics are not voiced at this time. According to insiders, acceleration to a "hundred" will not exceed 2 seconds. At the same time, the battery will suffice for only 20 minutes. In standard driving mode the battery capacity is equal to 240 km.

According to the manufacturers, Ariel Hipercar, weighing almost 1.5 tons, will be priced at approximately $ 1,125,000, the equivalent of 68,519,000 rubles.

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