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Geely introduced an electric crossover with a range of more than 1,000 km

Auto giant Geely has teamed up with CATL to give the Zeekr 001 a unique performance

Today, it is increasingly common to see alliances whose efforts are aimed at creating something truly innovative and state-of-the-art. A similar story happened with the Geely Corporation, which joined forces with the battery giant CATL. The result has not forced itself long to wait, and has resulted in electric car Zeekr 001.

The electric crossover got the most advanced batteries, which are equipped with a liquid cooling system. By the way, this is more advanced technology used in Tesla. Battery capacity is not disclosed. At the same time its autonomy is more than 1,000 km. Impressive and the ability to replenish the charge level from 30 to 80% for a fantastic 10 minutes. The energy capacity of the battery satellites was increased by 13% compared to those used in all electric cars today.

Головная боль Илона Маска

The exterior of the Zeekr 001 reminds many of the outlines of the Porsche Panamera. The similarity is hinted at by the daytime running lights placed at the edges of the hood, the impetuous silhouette and the design of the taillights. The cross is equipped with a twin-engine setup with 536 horsepower and 765 Nm of torque. It allows coping with 0-100 discipline in impressive 3.8 seconds.

According to preliminary information, the Zeekr 001 Qilin Edition will premiere in the second half of 2023.

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