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New Volkswagen ID.4 GTX turned to be a brutal SUV

VW has unveiled the ID.Xtreme concept vehicle. It is likely that the SUV could become a production model

Today it is difficult to surprise the car market with anything. In this case, some individual models even take root in it quite well. The experts of the people's brand decided to test the ground, and announced the Volkswagen ID.Xtreme. If the SUV can find an impressive army of fans, it will be on the assembly line in the foreseeable future.

Экстримальный ID 4

The electric "monster" based on the ID.4 GTX stands out for its brutal appearance. The tubular design of the kangaroo enclosing the redesigned front bumper with integrated LED fog lights catches the eye at once. To help them, an additional block of lights was installed on the roof. The body profile is decorated with plastic wheel arch extenders that hold 18-inch alloy wheels shod in dirt tires. The stern bumper has been replaced by a blank panel. To emphasize the individuality of the project, the body was painted in a set of unique shades.

Быть или не быть решит публика

Along with the exterior, the four-wheel drive SUV is equipped with an upgraded powertrain. The revised rear engine allowed to remove 388 horsepower from the system, which is noticeably more than the 299 horsepower that the factory ID.4 GTX can please.

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