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Eva Mendes revealed who in her family with Ryan Gosling cooks food

The 48-year-old actress has not appeared on the big screen since 2014 and is in no particular hurry, taking care of her children and home.

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Eva Mendes admitted to being obsessed with the kitchen, spending quite a bit of time there every day. But she's not usually the one who prepares the food, as it might seem at first glance. "Ryan cooks. He's a great cook," the actress said of her long-term partner and father of their two daughters, Ryan Gosling. "I think a good balance has been found: 'You cook, I clean.' And in our case it works."

The actress enjoys messing around in the kitchen so much that she recently turned her passion into a side business. She became co-owner of Skura Style, a brand that produces cleansers and detergents. Mendes confessed that she is especially meticulous about controlling the sink and enjoys seeing a stack of clean plates.

"Life is so chaotic. But the only thing I can control in my house is my kitchen. So when I wash my plates, it's akin to meditation," she noted. "It's really a more profound activity than just washing. It gives me clarity. A clean sink clears my mind."