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Harry Potter villains named most annoying book characters

A week before the all-Russian action "Bibliono-night" the corresponding question was held by the online book service "LitRes".

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The heroes of the Potteriana Dolores Umbridge and Peter Pettigrew, as well as Anna Karenina from the novel of the same name by Leo Tolstoy, were named the most annoying characters of our compatriots. They were voted for by 46.1% and 21.8% of book lovers respectively.

Readers do not like Bella from the Stephenie Meyer saga "Twilight".

In works of Russian literature was not less unpleasant heroes. Thus, the first line was taken by the wicked woman from Turgenev's story "Mumu". Next comes Anna Karenina, who never found happiness in love. The third place was taken by Humbert Humbert from the novel "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, secretly dreaming of young Lolita. In the top five of the reader's antipathies were the daredevil Eugene Onegin from the novel of the same name by Pushkin in verse and the modest girl Natasha Rostova from War and Peace.

During the survey, 87.9% of LitRes users admitted that they felt rejected by the hero of a story, novel or short story at least once. For this reason, more than 48% ended their reading in this way.