, автор: Быстрова А.

Top 5 best resorts in Turkey, which is worth visiting at least once

Let's talk about the best resorts on the Turkish coast.

Turkish resorts are visited every month by thousands of people. It is very difficult to choose the best resort among all of them, because each person has his own preferences and requirements. For example, someone main priorities are quiet beaches and few hotels, restaurants and other buildings nearby, and others will find this option just awful! Some just go to rest and lie on the sand, and others want to explore new places all the time. Therefore, each person must choose a resort that will satisfy all their requirements.

Alanya is the great choice for a family trip

Alanya is rightly considered the best resort in Turkey for holidays with children, because the beaches here consist of sand, the entrance to the water is not steep, so the child will not be afraid to go into the sea and will luckily have great pleasure swiming in shallow water. Also there are countless attractions (for both child and parent) from water parks and dolphinariums to scenic spots in Alanya.

Kemer - ideal for those who love nature

It is believed that Kemer has the best nature among all the resorts in Turkey. Nature lovers just love this resort when they see it, because it is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. There is just an unreal amount of greenery, forests and gardens.

In addition to excellent nature, there is a good infrastructure and excellent beaches, which were awarded
with the Blue Flag for their cleanliness. But unfortunately, fans of sandy beaches are unlikely to like it here - the vast majority of beaches in Kemer are pebbly. This is the only major disadvantage of this place.

Also in Kemer, a lot of different bars and nighclubs, so young people will like it here.

Side - very close to the sights

Side is called the open air museum, and it is true - this resort is very close to the Turkish sights. Also here quite clean sea and good nature, which is typical for Turkey. A man who wants to see the old landmarks, swim in the sea and take pictures of nature should definitely choose Side.

It has everything - from sandy beaches with shallow entrances to the water and buildings of the Roman Empire, which are buried in the pine forests and orange groves.

Antalya - great infrastructure

Antalya is the most popular beach city, which is the "face" of resorts in Turkey. It has an excellent infrastructure with many stores, hotels, restaurants and bars. All these institutions are combined with a large number of beaches, cultural monuments and numerous excursions.

Antalya will never let you get bored! Almost everyone who has visited Antalya, comes a second time and discovers the city in a new way! And also Antalya is very close to the airport.

Marmaris is a resort located on the Aegean Sea

Marmaris is a beautiful Turkish resort, which is washed by two seas - the Aegean and the Mediterranean, so you can swim in both at once.

This resort is built in a protected area in the south-west of Turkey. Nature here is not spoiled by people and appears in its original form. All this natural beauty drives thousands of tourists crazy!

But for those who are just looking for a party, Marmaris is the place to be. There are many different restaurants and bars, and you can visit various shows and performances. The resort is perfect for young people. And also you can buy different things at the Night Market.