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A prequel series about Queen Charlotte will be based on the "Bridgertons" s

Simultaneously with the release of Shonda Rhimes' new TV project, a novel on the same theme by Julia Quinn will be out of print.

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The Bridgerton TV universe is expanding. Julia Quinn, author of books about a mythical family who lived in the Regency era in the early 19th century, will write a new series of novels about that time.

And Shonda Rhimes, who produces the Netflix series based on Quinn's work, will take it as the basis for the script for her next TV project. It doesn't have a title yet, but it will be based on the Bridgerton universe.

Голда Рошевель в роли королевы Шарлотты в сериале "Бриджертоны".

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A new spin-off about the young Queen Charlotte will also be linked to this future book series by Quinn. The writer will tell how her character met and married King George. And also how the love of these two led to a social shift that made the high society of England open to members of all races. That's the kind of picture viewers could see in The Bridgertons for the two seasons that aired.