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Jennifer Lopez confessed having panic attacks

The 52-year-old artist wrote an essay in which she reflected on the secrets of well-being and appearance.

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Jennifer Lopez is known for her bubbling energy, which helps her focus on several projects at once. Between the release of musical hits, starring in popular movies and the presentation of JLo Beauty cosmetics, she confirms time and again her star status and contributes to the development of the entertainment industry. But even Jennifer admits she needs an occasional break, too, sharing a letter on onthejlo.com titled, "No one is more bogged down in the rat race than me." The "Strippers" (2019) star discussed the importance of sleep and shared memories of feeling "physically paralyzed" in her 20s after severe panic attacks caused by fatigue.

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"There was a time in my life when I slept three to five hours a night. I spent my days filming and my nights in the studio doing presentations and shooting video clips on the weekends," she wrote. "I was approaching 30 and thought I was invincible." Such a lifestyle suited the artist just fine, until at one point she was struck in the trailer by "multi-ton" fatigue caused by overwork and stress. So much so that she couldn't move from her seat. "It was like I was completely frozen," Jennifer explained. "I couldn't see clearly, the symptoms started to scare me, and that only made the fear worse. Now I know it was a classic panic attack caused by fatigue, but I hadn't heard of the term at the time."

The singer and actress regained her balance with the help of experts who reminded her of the need to take care of herself - enough sleep, eat right and exercise to work as much as she wants. Now the performer of the Let's Get Loud hit has made mental health a priority, incorporating "beauty sleep" to maintain it as well. Rest, she says, "builds up over time" and leads to incredible results. "Sometimes I wake up and say, 'Wow! I've dropped 10 years off my face! That's what a good night's sleep can do to you."

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Jennifer also revealed to fans the secret of her unfading beauty - to live a full life that defeats aging. And panic attacks became a kind of awakening for her to discover the road to wellness. Lopez ended her letter with the slogan: "Beauty has no expiration date".