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50 Cent and Hannah Stocking join the cast of the horror movie "Skill House"

The pair will join the cast of the project, which already consists of Neil McDonough and Leah Pipes.

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Rapper, actor and producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has signed on to star in the new horror film "Skill House." Model and actress Hannah Stocking did the same.

"Skill House" will be shot in the spirit of the "Saw" franchise, but with a reminder of the evils of fame on social media and the duality of Internet culture. The story will explore what people are willing to do for "influence" online, particularly the abuse of unnecessarily risky stunts.

The picture will be directed by his own script Josh Stolberg, known for his work on the films "Saw 8" (2017) and "Saw: Spiral" (2021). Both pictures he developed long after the original film series and played with the origins of the main villain.