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Whoopi Goldberg on filming Sister Act 3: "My character is going to grow up"

The 66-year-old actress is getting ready to work on a sequel to the story of the unflappable Deloris Van Cartier.

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Thirty years after its 1992 premiere, Whoopi Goldberg shared her excitement about the upcoming work on her third installment of the comedy Sister Act (1992). It is now in development with producer and director Tyler Perry.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actress didn't reveal many details about the project, but admitted that she had to struggle to bring it to life. "I've been trying to do it for six years," Whoopi reported. "I was told no one was interested. And it took people a minute to realize that they had to take their foot out of their mouth".

Вупи Голдберг в к/ф "Сестричка, действуй" (1992).

Источник фото: Touchstone Pictures.

That said, the Deloris Van Cartier or Sister Mary Clarence performer noted that it was a good time to produce "Sister Act 3." "We shot the first and second parts one after the other, which I suppose was good. But now you need some kind of space, you need to let the heroine grow up, and that's going to happen. She was already an adult when she started, but she's more mature now," Goldberg explained.

The comedy "Sister Act" was a box office success, grossing over $230 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $130 million.