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John Lennon's son officially changed his name

The 59-year-old musician explained his decision as follows: "It's a whole new world for me".

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The son of the famous singer, composer and member of the Beatles, John Lennon, has changed his papers in order to regularize his name situation. He was born in Lennon's first marriage to Cynthia Powell. At birth, the boy was named - John Charles Julian Lennon. That is, if you keep the first and last names, the son turned out to be his father's full namesake. Choosing an artistic career, Lennon Jr. preferred to perform on stage as Julian Lennon. However, formally he still remained John Lennon, which caused him constant difficulties at the ID checks.

Джулиан Леннон; Синтия и Джон Ленноны

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"Whenever I introduced myself, especially when boarding a plane, for example, you know they only use your first name, and so I was always John Lennon," Julian explained. "I was afraid and anxious about these scenarios causing cascades of jokes, most of the time people didn't even recognize me. I was always uncomfortable because I was known as Julian, and when they called me John, I felt like it wasn't me. So in 2020, I decided: "It's time to be myself. It's time for a change."

That said, Lennon Jr. added that he has great respect for his parents, but changing his name to Julian Charles John Lennon opened up "a whole new world" for him. "It's what Julian does, not John's son, that's part of my journey and makes sense to me," the artist added.