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Little Music: interesting facts about Kalimba

The miniature instrument, which initially became famous in Africa, is very popular in Russia today.

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Kalimba also known is often called a "mini piano" for its size. This is one of the smallest keyboard instruments. There is another name — mbira. On the wooden body of the instrument there are a number of thin plates that emit a sound when pressed with fingers or when pinched. The smallest kalimbas make quiet and gentle sounds, and those that are larger "sing" more loudly. With the sounds of kalimba, Africans lull children to sleep and communicate with the spirits of their ancestors.

Interesting facts about Kalimba

Today kalimbas are made of acrylic and plastic, sometimes of of wood. Previously, the material for its manufacture was a turtle shell. And even — imagine! — pumpkin;

Kalimba is a European "descendant" of a similar instrument called mbira. Music researcher Hugh Tracy Europeanized this instrument. In the 1950s, he visited Africa, brought mbira from there and adapted it to European taste. So, the sound of the instrument has become higher and more sonorous. Amber sounds like this:

▪︎ As a resonator for this instrument, African musicians used half a coconut attached to the bottom of the body of the case;

▪︎ There are two distinct types of Kalimbas: hollow and whole. Hollow ones sound loud, deep and rich, solid ones sound quiet and clean. The latter are considered the most reliable in terms of strength;

Depending on the number of reed plates on the kalimbas, they sound differently. For those who are just starting to master this instrument, a model with nine languages will be enough, since a large range of sound can confuse a beginner. Pros may well use kalimba with 30 tongues;

▪︎ Translated from Italian, "kalimba" means "little music".