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Nikita Mikhalkov will shoot a Marvel-inspired blockbuster

The film will involve Sergei Bezrukov, Danila Kozlovsky and Alexander Petrov.

Источник фото: Владимир Астапкович/РИА Новости

Filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov is preparing to create a new film "Kraken". The cast - the envy of all creators of Marvel projects - gathered all the "monsters" of domestic cinema - in addition to Bezrukov and Petrov and Kozlovsky in the novelty will take off and Milos Bikovich.

Film critic Oksana Agapova has suggested that in this way Nikita Sergeevich intends to compete with one of the most famous Western film villages on the background of the departure of foreign projects from the Russian film market. It's kind of how the Marvel Universe is structured... A-class actors, where everyone has a role in saving the world, "- she said.