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The actor Reggie Page may be the new James Bond in the movies

For over a year, the creators of "Bondiana" have been fruitlessly looking for the ideal candidate for the "position" of Agent 007.

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After the withdrawal of Daniel Craig from "Bondiana", the creators of the project suddenly faced problems in finding another actor for the role.

However, it is possible that the the Russo brothers could suddenly become the saviors of the project. The producers of "The Avengers", offered actor Reggie Page for the role of James Bond.

The Russo brothers know him well from the "Grey Man" movie by Ryan Gosling, which they also produced. According to them, Page's charisma may give a second breath to the "Bondiana".

Now it is up to "the mistress" of films about Agent 007 Barbara Broccoli to decide. By the way she has already announced that the project about James Bond takes a forced intermission due to the lack of real candidates for the leading role.