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Michelle Rodriguez will star the tenth Fast and the Furious

So 44-year-old actress jokingly commented on the appointment of Louis Leterrier as director of the film.

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Louis Leterrier, best known for his work on "The Carrier" (2002) and "The Illusion of Deception" (2013), will direct the tenth film of the famous "Fast and Furious" franchise. The 49-year-old director replaces Justin Lin, who turned down work on the new film in late April because of a disagreement with its lead star, actor Vin Diesel.

Another longtime member of the project, actress Michelle Rodriguez is excited about Louis Leterrier joining their team. "He came with all this energy of love. It's been a long time since we've had someone on 'Fast and Furious' who really, really loves the franchise, and who's willing to lead it to new horizons. We've been at it for 20 years. In that amount of time, you get bored and kind of forget what you're doing it all for. Until a director like Louie comes along and reminds you, "It's beautiful. Come on, let's make magic." We're all very lucky to get him."

In addition, according to Rodriguez, Leterrier didn't come to "Fast and Furious 10" alone, but brought with him top-notch professionals who will definitely "beautify" the film." Our special effects team, all these guys who do stunts, they're all French. Our second assistant director is French. Our director is French. It's like a power grab on the part of France," Michelle noted with a smile.