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We'll have to rewrite the song: Beyoncé's new album scandalized

Without even knowing it, the singer made fun of people with disabilities.

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Fans of singer Beyoncé was still recovering from the ecstasy after the release of her first album in six years, when new problems began to plague the singer.

At the epicenter of the scandal was a song called "Heated", in which the singer uses the expression "spazzin' on that ass" (translated as "going crazy").

And it's worth noting that the word comes from the name of a very serious disease - cerebral palsy. But it is mostly used by those who want to make fun of or mock sick people.

Now many users of social networks have accused Beyonce of the same thing. Although according to experts, the word itself is not offensive. It was made that way intentionally by soulless people.

Nevertheless, as eyewitnesses say, the singer was so shocked by the story she got into that she decided to change the lyrics of the scandalous song in the very near future.