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Nicole Kidman appeared as a "strong" woman on the cover of Perfect magazine

The 55-year-old actress amazed readers with her spectacular physical shape.

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The cover of the new, third issue of Perfect magazine with Nicole Kidman may cause a culture shock to some readers. Hollywood actress, known for her feminine images both on the red carpet and on the screen, appeared in an unusual form - in a mini-skirt and top by Diesel, showing impressive phisique for a 55-year-old lady . The actress complemented her striking pose with a confident expression and a red wig with shapely side strands.

Николь Кидман на обложке Perfect Magazine, август 2022.

Источник фото: Perfect Magazine.

The cover is one of several shots taken in an avant-garde style by photographer Zhong Lin. In the third issue of Perfect it was decided to honor the brightest representatives of contemporary pop culture, and Kidman was one of them. Nicole has already strikingly "naked" not for the first time. In February she starred in an open Miu Miu outfit for the cover of Vanity Fair, showing pumped abs and shapely legs.

In assessing the bold image of the actress social network users were divided then. Some said that the image is photoshopped, while others pointed out that at the age of 50 and with a well-deserved status of a Hollywood diva it is immodest to appear on the cover of a prestigious publication. But the star of "Nine Perfect Strangers" series later admitted in an interview to Australian Vogue that the idea to wear an outfit by Miu Miu for the photo shoot was hers.