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Actor Joe Keery talked about disguises during musical performances

According to the 30-year-old star of the series "Very Stranger Things," the wig and glasses allow him to be "less shy."

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Joe Keery, known for the TV series "Stranger Things," talked about his decision to use a disguise during musical performances under the alias Joe. At last month's Lollapalooza festival, some fans didn't recognize Kyrie when he took the stage wearing a red wig and sunglasses. "At first it was just trying to be less recognizable, kind of a departure from the public's usual image, a separation of music from the show and other projects," Joe explained to UNILAD. "And ended up turning into a very funny character to perform on stage. And that, I think, allows me to be less self-conscious and also contains an element of surprise."

Джо Кири на фестивале Lollapalooza в Чикаго, июль 2022.

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When asked if his stage disguise had anything to do with everyone talking about his character's hair from Steve Harrington's Stranger Things, the actor said it had to do primarily with his general association as an actor on the popular Netflix project.

In September, Kyrie released his second album, Decide, three years after the 2019 release of his debut, Twenty Twenty.