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Joan Rowling explained her absence from the "Harry Potter" special episode

In footage to mark the 20th anniversary of the legendary saga, the author of the Harry Potter books was expected to appear on the screens.

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The creators of the Harry Potter films decided to shoot a special episode to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the project, as a nice bonus for fans of the series.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Green and Emma Watson appeared in it to the delight of the audience, but it did not seem to be the announced author of the books by Joan Rowling.

Viewers were aware of the many disagreements between the writer and the creators of the Harry Potter films. Still, they hoped to the last to see their favorite author on the screen.

The miracle did not happen, Rowling did not appear in the special episode. After a short pause, she herself commented on the situation.

"Despite certain difficulties in our relationship, I was invited to participate in a special episode. But I decided to decline, realizing that this plot would be more focused on the past movies than on my books. And I realized that I just have nothing to do there, "- said Rowling.