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5 ways to avoid overheating your phone

If you notice that your favorite gadget often overheats, it does not indicate its malfunction.

Keep away from heat sources

Even when a cell phone is in perfect technical order, it can overheat. But not by itself, but under the influence of extraneous sources.

These sources can be the sun, a battery, a switched on desk lamp, and even seemingly harmless household devices like a refrigerator, TV, or the same computer.

In fact, these are exactly the places where we put our gadgets for our own convenience, without even noticing this is established habit of ours. Thus we can seriously reduce the life of their own phones.

So you should not only avoid putting the gadget on them. It is reasanable to avoid keeping them near them for a prolonged time too. All the troubles may be caused by this very neighbourhood.


Don't stare at the screen all the time

Working non-stop, sooner or later will make any device overheat. If you have a habit of constantly carring the phone in your hand, checking it every minute, it will only approach the moment of strong overheating.

Therefore experts advise to get rid of the bad habit of staring at the screen of your gadget on and off. After all any unnecessary overheating is also the accelerated wear and tear of the main parts of the gadget. Let's learn to take care of our favorite things. They all cost money. And a lot of it.

Don't keep it in the case all the time

Dense silicone or plastic case, undoubtedly, can protect your smartphone from scratches, scuffs and even save it when dropped or bumped.

However, as experts assure, it is such a case's close contact with the gadget contributes to its overheating. This is because the overlay panel accumulates heat and heats the device even after it has gone into the inactive stage, and just lies there.

Therefore, experts advise to put the phone in a case only when carrying and transporting the device. When the smartphone just "rests", it is recommended to store it separately.

In pocket too

The most common place to carry our phones is in our pockets, which are most often tight against our bodies. And the human body, by the way, is one of the strongest sources of heat. So do not be surprised that after carrying in the pocket your smartphone literally burns your hand.

Therefore, experts advise to look for other places to carry gadgets - at least a purse or bag. However, you need to ensure that nothing fits tightly to the smartphone, to make this advise work for you.

Check the settings

Often the problem of smartphone overheating lurks not from the outside, but from the inside. It's quite possible that its hardware is too busy.

Therefore, to ensure optimal temperature mode, it is recommended to check its internal settings.

Disabling a number of unnecessary applications running in the background, reducing the brightness of the backlight, cleaning the "memory" of the gadget will help it not only not to overheat, but also to remain your faithful assistant for years to come.