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Russia has created a unique "smart" prosthesis with remote control function

One of the first test-takers of the domestic knee module Aktiv 2 noted that he did not feel any difference between the Russian development and its imported counterpart.

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Russian scientists from Veliky Novgorod created the first domestic knee module "Aktiv 2" with microprocessor control for a hip prosthesis. Andrey Nikitin, governor of the Novgorod region, was also acquainted with the recent development of the scientists.

Among the main advantages of the "smart" Russian module are: the ability to configure it for remote control and additional modes of operation that can be activated using a smartphone or computer via Bluetooth.

"The innovative knee module "Aktiv 2" has remote control via software and allows the user to configure the knee module, activate additional modes and obtain statistics using a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. High-capacity battery provides up to 5 days of work depending on the intensity of use," - noted on the website of JSC "Research and Production Corporation "Precision Instrumentation Systems".

Izvestia notes that trial production of the module has already been launched, and the cost of one set of the Aktiv 2 will be just under 1.5 million rubles this year.