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Industrial exhibition IFA 2022 in Berlin - the famous technical expo

What is the IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany? What new products Internationale Funkausstellung will show us at the 2020 exhibition.

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IFA is a huge exhibition in Germany, which has been held for almost a century since 1924. Only a year ago the exhibition had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus, but in 2022 it is guaranteed to take place. After a long lull, the long-awaited BOOM should happen!

When will the event start in 2022

Press days: 31.08 - 01.09

Open Days: 02.09 - 06.09

What will be announced this year?

Around IFA 2022 has already started the hype, and only now begins to receive information from various brands about what awaits us at the exhibition. Although little is revealed about the event itself and the most anticipated products, we can only guess what to expect based on the event itself and "leaks of information".

Which brands can exhibit at the IFA?:

  • Huawei — a frequent exhibitor at IFA. A year ago, the company made a big smartphone launch, so it is likely that this year Huawei will please us with a new smartphone. Or a laptop, as an example.

  • Jabra — promises to be back at IFA 2022. It is likely that it wants to introduce updated headphones.

  • LG — is a frequent guest at the exhibition, where the company regularly presents new TVs. Whether LG has a surprise for us is still a mystery.

  • Nokia — has made an official announcement that it will be at IFA. We can look forward to interesting new products.

  • Panasonic — often promises to attend IFAs, but does not always do so.

  • Philips TV — wants to please us with innovations in television and audio systems.

  • Samsung — As usual, presents the largest display at the IFA, but new products are rarely announced. We hope to see new TVs and home theaters at the show.

  • Sony — has been participating in the IFA for years, where it demonstrates new TVs, headphones, and a number of other devices. What will happen this year, Sony does not disclose.

  • TCL — guarantees its presence at the exhibition and officially gave a statement that it will demonstrate a home movie theater and a new "smart home" device.

Novelties of Asus

The company has decided to present a huge number of new products to the public eye in 2022. In addition, the company wants to introduce gaming ROG products to the public.

The main item that we learned about is the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED, a new model of personal computer (a mix of a tablet and a laptop). The gadget was introduced back in January, but is only now about to go on sale. This device was first unveiled during January's CES 2022. The gadget is now reportedly ready to go on sale.


  • flexible screen - 17.3-inch (2560 × 1920 px);
  • color space — DCI-P3;

  • modes - laptop with 2 displays / tablet;

  • the processor is Intel 12th generation Alder Lake;

  • RAM - 16 GB;

  • 1 terabyte of storage;

  • 5 megapixel camera;

  • Bluetooth 5.

The cost of the PC and the start date of sales will be announced during the event itself.

Novelties of Honor

The company also announced its desire to participate in the international exhibition. Honor will hold both offline demonstrations and virtual presentations.

It is expected to release new smartphones at the IFA exhibition on September 2. The company also officially announced that it will present to the world its latest developments from wireless headphones to smartphones. Smart home products may also be demonstrated.

Some believe that among the above, Honor will present new smartphones with a Qualcomm processor.

That's about it! Most likely, the manufacturers will tell us more about their new products closer to the end of the summer.