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Eiritel talks about the new coverage format of The International

The changes apply to the group stage of the tournament.

Daria "Eiritel" Morozova commented on the new format of "The International" coverage in her telegram channel. According to her, PGL will only cover the playoffs, and the group stage will be left to commercial studios:

"Post for those who still don't get it:
This year's Int will not be broadcast as usual. The Valve have now sold the rights to cover half of the International (or rather all but the playoff stage) to commercial studios.

What does that change for the laymen? That everything before the playoffs will not be cast on the dota2ti channel, but on the channels of certain studios. In the case of English-language broadcast - on the channels PGL, and about the Russian-language broadcast announcements have not been made. That is, we must not miss an announcement from a studio somewhere and wait for the start of Inta there.

On the one hand - does not matter. Previosly, during the coverage of "the international" any cool content (pre-recorded interviews, players' faces on drafts, announcements, etc.) was only given out on playoffs anyway and the groups covered only Dota itself.
On the other hand (strictly imho) - if there isn't a classic redzone for the group stage - it will be sad. However, that will probably be left to the discretion of the production studio that bought the rights."

Daria "Eiritel" Morozova is a host of the studio RuHub, covering Dota 2 .