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'90s supermodel Kate Moss will speak at Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial

The former model will reveal whether Depp was abusive to her.

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The libel case against Johnny Depp's ex-wife Amber Heard has entered its final phase. The star of yesteryear, former supermodel Kate Moss, is expected to appear in court tomorrow via video link. She and Depp had a four-year love affair in the mid-'90s. After the breakup, they remained friends.

Depp's lawyer seemed shocked when, standing on the bench earlier this month, Heard mentioned Moss' name. The actress was testifying at the time about the March 2015 confrontation with Depp and admitted that she hit him out of fear for her younger sister, Whitney, whom she thought the actor might push down the stairs. "I saw my sister standing with her back to the stairs ... I didn't hesitate and wait, I just kept thinking about Kate Moss and the stairs, and I swung at him," Heard reported, referring to a rumor that Depp once pushed Moss down the stairs.

Attorney Chris Melcher, who specializes in stars, noted in an interview with Yahoo that Herd thus "opened the door" for Depp's team to invite "Moss as a witness." "Amber didn't tell the jury what she meant by mentioning Kate," the lawyer explained. "It looks like Amber's claim that Johnny pushed Kate down the stairs and so she reacted by hitting Johnny herself. There is a right to use force when defending yourself if you need it, but the amount of force to overcome a real threat must be justified."

Earlier, the security guard of the former spouses said that no one provoked Amber during the said incident, and Whitney herself told a former colleague that Heard acted as an "aggressor" towards her husband at the time.