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No pain: 5 effective exercises for lower back pain

Back pain after a day's work will not let you rest. You need to get rid of it, and in radical ways. How? You need to do exercises. You can do it 2-3 times a week, and then your lower back will thank you.

The best exercises for lower back pain

We have selected the 5 most effective workouts that will allow you to forget about the ailments and strengthen the muscles of the back.

1. Pulling the knee up to the chest

This exercise will significantly reduce the load on the lower back. And also strengthen the muscles. You need to lie on your back and bend your legs a little bit, place them at the width of the pelvis. As you exhale, the right knee is pulled up to the stomach, and as you exhale, it returns to its place. Next, change the leg. It is necessary to perform 6-10 repetitions for each leg. This allows a better workout of the muscles. It is important that when doing this, you must not pull your buttocks off the floor.

2. Rolling Back

This exercise is also performed from the supine position. The legs should be bent and pressed to the chest with the arms around them. The feet should be connected. Then start swinging to the right and to the left. After you feel your body, you should pull your forehead up to your knees and start rocking back and forth. The body should be tense and the back should be as round as possible. This exercise is great for relieving tension in the back muscles.

3. Bycycle crunches

Starting position is on your back with your knees bent. The exercise is quite simple and does not require any special skills. The main thing is to do everything exclusively on inhalation and exhalation. On an exhalation the left knee is taken aside and placed on the ground, on an inhalation it comes back. Next, the legs change. This should be repeated 6 to 10 times to each side.

It is very important that all movements should be performed smoothly. As a complication, you can use the practice of freezing for a few breathing circles in the lower position. In this way, you can work your back better and in more detail.

4. «Cat»

One of the very graceful exercises, and it's not for nothing that it gets its name. You have to take a pose on all fours. As you breathe in, you should bend down in a smooth wave, and as you exhale, round your back. The weight of the body on the inhale should be transferred to the hands. And on the exhalation the body weight is shifted to the legs. While performing this movement, the abdomen should be retracted.

The "Cat" exercise has many different flexions in different directions. You can do twists, press your chest against your knees, and so on. The technique of this exercise is very variable, and if you do not have enough experience, you can always ask for help from an experienced trainer in the gym.

5. Pelvic curls (Supine traction with the use of the back)

The last exercise is quite interesting. Lie on your back and raise your legs at 90 degrees, resting them on the wall or a support. As you inhale, push your legs into the wall, curling your pelvis and raising your tailbone. As you exhale you need to relax completely and return the coccyx to the floor. You should do 6 to 10 repetitions in one set.

Your back should always be healthy
If you think about your lower back in time and prevent chronic pain, you will feel comfortable even at a long sitting job. But here you need persistence and systematic exercise. Don't forget that the responsobility for the health of your body rest entirely on you!