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Dangerous heat: How to stay healthy during the heat wave

People with heart and respiratory problems on such days is better not to go out at all.

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Internist Irina Boiko reminds us that during the peak of solar activity, which take place between noon and four in the afternoon even healthy people needs to be careful. So, at this time it is better not to exhaust yourself too much.

Also expert recommends to avoid drinking cold water or actively working under air conditioner after returning from the heat. A sudden drop in temperature can easily lead to a cold.

In order to quench thirst and save the body from dehydration it is sufficient to drink ordinary, cool water in small sips.

You could also include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, because they contain a high percentage of water.

In order to avoid sunstroke, which sometimes can be dangerous in its consequences, you should stick to the shady side and wear a cap or panama on your head when you need to go outdoors.

In general, the right clothes can significantly help on hot days - says doctor Larissa Alexeeva.

The main thing is choosing the clothes that "breathe", and here cotton is essential. It is even better to wear loose-fitting clothes, which will be less sweaty and more comfortable.

And the colors also matter. For example, pastel colors help to more easily survive the heat of the day. On the flipside in dark clothing, which attracts the sun's rays, it will be much hotter.