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Fighting the heat: How to cool your apartment without air conditioning

Abnormal heat during the summer will return to the cities many times. But it is quite easy to escape it.

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The thermometer reads over 30 degrees of Celsius. Yes, summer can be like that - extremely hot. Not everyone can bear the heat, but not everyone has air conditioning either. How to escape the heat without this home appliance? It's easy - catch these five best practices:

Hide from the sun.

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Blackouts or curtains made of dense material will help you. Such a "curtain" will not let the sun's rays into the apartment. Blinds block almost 90% of the light. The peak of sunlight activity begins at 7-8 a.m., so it is necessary to curtain the windows during this period.


This household appliance is inexpensive, but it cools the room well. Even a small fan installed in the room will help to survive the heat. The greatest effect of its use can be achieved by activating the rotation function of the device. The fan will rotate around its axis and cool the entire room, not just part of it (in the case when the air flow is directed only in one direction). When using a fan, it is important to close and drape the window.

You can also use a spray can by pouring ice water into it. Periodically sprinkle this water in the air, on curtains, and on the floor, and the room will feel cooler.

Airing the room.

To make the room not so hot during the day, it is better to air it during the periods when the temperature outside drops. It is recommended to do this either from 4 to 7 a.m. or in the evening (from about 10 p.m.) and to close the windows again in the morning.


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Regular brushing of the floor and removal of dust from the surfaces with cold water will also help to cool the room. Also it is better to remove unnecessary textile items from the room - carpets, blankets, etc. - they attract heat.

Minimise the use of white goods.

Using a stove and oven increases the temperature in the room. This is not desirable in an already hot time, so it is better to use these appliances a little less often, and when they are used, close the door to the kitchen, isolating the rest of the room from the heated air.