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"She's willing to do anything": Shakira's court battle with Gerard Pique

The singer intends to take her sons from Spain and settle with them in America. The soccer player is against it.

Shakira and Gerard Pique's child custody battle is getting tougher. The Barcelona centre-back does not want their sons, nine-year-old Milan and seven-year-old Sasha, to go with the singer to Miami, where Shakira has many relatives.

Now the ex-couple has hired lawyers, and as observers anticipate, a future lawsuit could lay out a lot of dirt on Pique.

Шакира и Жерар Пике

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They failed to come to an agreement.

Not much is known about this situation, but the former civil spouses, according to some reports, recently met to come to at least some common denominator. However, negotiations come to nothing, Gerard refused to grant Shakira's desire to take the children to the United States, which upset her greatly.

As an unnamed source close to the conflicting parties told Informalia, the singer promised her ex-partner to make public information about his behavior during their ten-year relationship. "She realized that she didn't know the man she lived with all those years at all. And she's not going to stop to expose him," the source noted.

The singer is fed up with both the soccer player and his relatives.

One of the circumstances that forced Shakira to leave Barcelona with her children was the strained relationship with Gerard's relatives. "She's willing to do anything" the publication's interlocutor said. "She's accepted his cheating to some extent, but she never thought he'd start doing it since they met." Now the singer is actively working with a team of lawyers to prepare a real legal attack against her ex


Шакира и Жерар Пике.

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"She intends to played her ace card," the source continued. "Right now her people are gathering information about Pike and preparing a detailed report on his behavior over the past ten years. Several surprises are being prepared that will not leave anyone indifferent to this story. Facts that are already known are going to hit him very hard, and it's not just related to their family troubles."

Those who know Shakira say that Pike has "unintentionally made an enemy of himself. At the same time, the athlete is aware of how much damage a former lover and mother of his children can do to his reputation."