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Mini and slits: study found what kind of clothes on women attracts men

Men's choice will surprise women - the different sexes have different views on style.

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Summer is an occasion to wear the most stylish and beautiful things. In this regard, girls have a lot to do - women's summer outfits are always especially beautiful and sexy. PRO brand" asked men to name the most erotic parts of women's closet. Life.ru shares the results of the survey.

Only 5% of men voted for crop tops. The name of this piece of clothing is not on the lips of the stronger sex, so the crop-top is not as popular.

Dresses with cleavage also excite very few people; only 7% of men support them. There are 2% more fans of pantsuits on a woman's figure.

Long dresses with long slits at the bottom are liked by 14% of the strong sex. Miniskirts have 31% of fans - men call this detail of clothing very sexual.

Mini-shorts are leaders in the survey - girls in such clothes drive 34% of respondents crazy.

"Naked female legs, according to numerous studies, attract more attention than deep cleavage," comments Alexey Gvintovkin, owner of the "PRO Brand" company, on this choice of men.