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Facial Fitness: How to Extend Your Youth Without Botox

We will tell you about several effective exercises that will help to strengthen the oval face, get rid of facial wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles and creases on the forehead. Do them every day, and the result will not keep you waiting.

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Every woman dreams of keeping a fresh, firm, young skin for as long as possible, but not everyone realizes that we can do it all, and we can achieve the goal without resorting to plastic surgery or Botox. There are many different exercises on the internet, how not to get confused in their variety?

We can help you take a step towards "eternal" youth! Just make it a habit of doing daily facial exercises. We have prepared a selection of effective and easy exercises that will take you just 10-15 minutes a day!

Frontalis muscle

Морщинки на лбу.

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Place your index fingers above your eyebrows in a semi-circle along their growth line. Fix them in this position and "hang," simply by feeling the weight of the hands. It is important that only the index fingers touch the face. Then raise the eyebrows upward 20 times.

When doing the exercise, it is important to feel the resistance of the frontal muscles, in this case will not form creases and wrinkles. Do not move the fingers to the nose. The interbrow should be smoothed.

After doing the exercise, lightly tap the frontal muscles with your fingertips.

Interbrow zone

Межбровная складка.

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Place your hands in wide angle on your forehead, fixing the entire forehead muscle, and lower slightly, as if "hanging". From this position, raise your eyebrows 20 times. When we raise the eyebrows, the interbrow area is actively working on. Wrinkles, which are formed in this area, are smoothed by such load..

Orbicularis oculi (the sphincter of the eyelids)

Мимические морщины.

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Make the eye more open by strengthening the circular muscles of the eye. To do this, take the index finger of one hand and fix the inner corner of the eye, take two fingers of the other hand, and put them above the eye and under the eye close to the edge of the eyebrow. Slightly move the fingers apart, and from this position we will squint our eyes.

It is important to do the exercise in isolation, without including the other eye, without wrinkling the forehead. Try to squint only the eye. When doing this, you should feel the vibration with your fingers. A small amplitude of movement is enough, the main thing is to do the exercise correctly.

Strengthening the nose

Укрепляем нос.

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In order to keep your nose nice and neat, you need to tone it, too. Here is an effective exercise. Place your index finger at the base of your nose. Then, from this position, roll the upper lip behind the upper teeth. With each movement, we make an effort, and the index finger provides resistance.

Nasolabial folds

Носогубные складки.

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Make a tight oval with your lips: first, pull your lips in a "tube" and then press them against your upper teeth. Do the exercise 20 times, pause for the 20th time and count to 20.

Important: When doing this exercise, don't pull your lips into a kiss, don't close them and don't tuck them in.

Double chin

Второй подбородок.

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Clench one hand into a fist, then wrap the other around it and rest it against the second chin. From this position, slowly open your mouth while resisting with your hands. Due to this, when we will open the mouth, the area where the second chin is formed is activated.


Красивая шея.

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Roll your lips behind your teeth, keeping your lower jaw forward and your mouth closed. Next, engage your neck muscles. Imagine as if you are lying on the floor and want to start pumping your abs, at this moment the side muscles of the neck are activated to hold the head. In this exercise we do the same thing. Roll your lips behind your teeth, smile broadly and start working on your neck. Do the exercise 20 times.

And finally, here are three habits that can help tighten up the facial oval, smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and make your face look fresher. It's as simple as that.

Learn how to hold your tongue properly. Keeping your tongue "glued" to your upper palate - learning to hold your tongue correctly. The tongue should press tightly along its entire length against the upper palate. The result: the second chin will be tightened, the yolks will disappear, and the cheekbones will become higher.

Move the aponeurosis (the tendon "helmet" that covers the skull). We put our fingers firmly on the scalp, pushing down to the skull, and move the skin and tissue back and forth, going over the entire surface of the head. The result: lifting the forehead and upper eyelid, relieving facial swelling, accelerating hair growth.

Smile into the cheekbones - the corners of the lips upward, tensing the cheekbones. Result: the creases will go away, the cheekbone muscles will tone, the central part and the facial oval will be lifted.

Do daily facial exercises, add healthy habits, and in two weeks you will already see results.