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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: the story of their relationship

The 49-year-old actor/director and the 52-year-old singer/actress legalized their relationship that began 20 years ago in a "super small" ceremony, which took place in Las Vegas On July 16

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The modest wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez last weekend was a logical and happy continuation of their love, which began on the set of the melodrama "Gigli" in 2002. It didn't work out then. After a year of relationship, engagement and wedding announcement, they broke up without reaching the altar. This time, luckily, things were different.

Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Лопес, 2022.

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Ben and Jen resumed their relationship, to the surprise of many, last spring, 18 years after their separation. Since then, each of them has managed to get a family - Jennifer married the singer Mark Anthony and gave birth to twins, Mark and Emma. They are now 14 years old each. The couple later divorced over irreconcilable differences. Ben married actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he now has three children - 16-year-old Violet, 13-year-old Serafina and 10-year-old Samuel. That union was also short-lived. Affleck and Lopez's reunion was seen by their fans as a confirmation of the well-known saying, "Old love doesn't rust." And Jennifer did not fail to confirm this truth in a conversation with reporters.

"It's a beautiful thing to have happened in this way in our lives where we can, really, appreciate and respect each other," she said. "We've always treated each other this way, but now with more meaning because we know that life can take you in different directions."

Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Лопес, 2022.

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Later, when the couple's second engagement was announced, Lopez revealed how Affleck proposed to her this time. "Have you ever imagined your biggest dream coming true?" she addressed readers of her eponymous website. "On Saturday night, in my favorite place on earth (the bathroom while I was lounging in a lather), my beautiful lover got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I was caught off guard and just looking into his eyes, smiling and crying at the same time, struggling to comprehend the fact that after 20 years this was happening again, I was literally speechless and he asked: "Is that a yes?" and I said: "YES, of course it is YES."

She continued: "I was smiling so wide and tears were rolling down my face and I felt incredibly happy and whole. There was nothing amazing about it, but it was the most romantic moment I could have ever imagined...just a quiet Saturday night at home, two people promising each other to always be there for each other."

For the engagement, Ben gave her a ring with a big green stone "Green has always been my lucky color, and of course it always will be," Jennifer explained on social media. "Two happy people. We got a second chance at our true love."

Дженнифер Лопес и Бен Аффлек, 2022.

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For his part, Ben told the Wall Street Journal that he felt "lucky" to get a second chance in both his personal life and his career. "Life is hard, and we always make mistakes, and hopefully we learn from those mistakes," he said. "The only thing you really need to take advantage of these growth opportunities is a second chance. I've definitely tried to take advantage of it. I haven't always been successful, but in the cases where I have been successful, they have had a defining effect on my life."