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Chris Evans admits he's looking for a wife

The 41-year-old actor opened up in an interview with Shondaland television.

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Chris Evans is in search of love. The star of "Grey Man," where he played alongside Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas, talked about his dream of finding a life partner when reporters asked him what he's thinking about most right now.

"Maybe with laser-like precision I'm focusing on finding a partner right now, you know, someone I'd like to live with - look, I love what I do, it's great, I totally give myself to it, but this (movie) industry is full of doubt and hesitation and adjustments," Evans explained. "In terms of finding something that you really put your whole self into, maybe it's finding someone to spend your life with," the former "Captain America" added. "That's why I think about it."

Evans' most recent romantic crushes include actress Jenny Slate, whom he dated intermittently from 2016 to 2018. They met on the set of "Gifted" and continued to connect outside of work.