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Yara Shahidi and Natalie Portman starred in the Dior advertising campaign

They presented the latest innovative product of the French fashion house - Rouge Dior Forever lipstick.

Hollywood actresses starred in the new Rouge Dior Forever advertising campaign, a stick version of the popular Rouge Dior. According to the fashion house, this lipstick is so popular with women all over the world that they buy it every two seconds. And all because it has an intense color, does not wash off for a long time and has a caring effect – all that, according to Lauren Kleitman, president of the Dior Cosmetics Department, meets the expectations of the fair sex.

Ninety percent of the product consists of natural ingredients and can be stored on the lips for up to sixteen hours. In its manufacture, a patented "vegetable" technology was used.

In a commercial dedicated to Rouge Dior Forever, Portman and Shahids, along with other models, walk through a deserted hilly area in silk flowing dresses, whose color refers to the product line. It is already known that the lipstick will be released in 22 shades. It will be available for general public from September 1.