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Tun, not burn: 8 rules for harmless sunbathing

The sun is not as harmless as it seems to fans of sunbathing.

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Despite numerous doctors' arguments about the dangers of tanning, sunbathers continue to lie on beaches for a long time, and then smear reddened shoulders and face with yogurt. Probably, it is not necessary to dissuade people who like to sunbathe from this kind of recreation, but dermatologist Dmitry Dreval in his interview with aif.ru shared rules for proper, harmless sunbathing.


Fans of tanning in one voice say that the sun gives the body essential vitamin D. But, first, it is not necessary to be under the sun for a long time to get it, and secondly... Think about it: Russian summers are not generous with sunny days. The average vacation for our countrymen is two weeks. In such conditions, it is hardly possible to provide yourself with the cherished vitamin for the whole year, until the next summer.

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The doctor advises to determine the level of vitamin D in the blood by taking a test, and then, if necessary, take it in pills. However, you should not spend more than 15 minutes a day in direct sunlight, because such "leisure time" is fraught with cancer.

What is the right way?

And here is a list of rules for sunbathers:

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- while taking a dose of ultraviolet, try to drink water periodically. Of course, regular non-carbonated water. In general, drink more water on hot days - it will prevent dehydration, and simply refresh;

- Do not enter the outdoor from 11:00 to 16:00 - during this time the rays are too aggressive to affect the skin;

- Wear a hat and clothing made of breathable but dense fabric during heatwave;

- on your first day in the sun do not overdo it- 15 minutes will be enough;

- sunglasses are a musthave. They will protect the cornea from excessive light;

- use creams with a high sun protection factor. SPF 50 and higher, they will protect from both UVB and UVA radiation. Do not only apply them to your body but also to your face;

- If you belong to the risk group (blondes, redheads, children, people with fair skin, people with a large number of moles on the body, people with a history of melanoma) - never go out in the sun without a sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.