, автор: Быстрова А.

Is it possible to protect a child from head lice?

Many parents believe that lice infest only those who neglect the rules of personal hygiene and their child can by no means bring lice home. But is this really true and what to do if you still encounter this plague?

Lice in children or pediculosis is the most common disease that parents prefer to deal with on their own.

A child can catch head lice in kindergarten, because if a child with head lice is brought to kindergarten, he or she cannot be separated from the rest of the group and the whole group soon becomes infected; the same pattern applies to schools, camps or hospitals, since the disease spreads at a rate of 40 cm per minute.

Lice infestation is more common in girls than in boys, since girls tend to grow their hair long and boys have shorter haircuts, making it more difficult for girls to get the lice out.

A parasite itself attaches itself to the scalp, bites the host, sucks blood, and reproduces on the length of the hair.

The worst thing a louse can bring to a child's life is not the itching, but the disease called typhus.

Ways to combat head lice

To get rid of lice parents need only visit the pharmacy and buy one or another product against them, for example, gel, spray, shampoo for hair. In our time a variety of drugs is enough to combat head lice.

It is important to follow the instructions on the preparations because many of the drugs work on adult lice and their eggs have no effect, so it is worth 7 days after the initial treatment with the drug repeat the procedure. After two treatments, 99.9 % of the child's lice and nits are eliminated.