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Don't be like that: 6 hairstyles that makes you look old.

Women prefer not to show their true age, trying to stay young and attractive as long as possible. But the wrong hairstyle can give away women's secrets...

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The hair is one of those details of the image that others notice in the first place. This means that the first impression of a person is partly due to what he or she has on his or her head. Sometimes the haircut adds beauty to its owner, and in some cases, alas, visually ages her (even if we are talking about a young girl). What kind of hairstyles spoil and weigh down the image?

The massive bangs - for mature women it always adds a minimum of 5 years, and girls over 30 need to be more careful with it. If possible, choose a haircut without bangs. Among other things, it makes the face more gloomy.

Black hair color will also add years to your face, if you are not a natural brunette. The brown shades on the contrary refresh the image, and make the owner of the haircut more youthful, because the brown color contrasts much less with the natural shades of hair.

Long hair (especially in combination with a straight parting) makes a mature woman much older and gives a messy image. Long strands adorn only young girls.

An unequivocal "no."

Девушка с розовыми волосами

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Colored hair, shaved temples, dreadlocks and other similar experiments with hair look ridiculous on mature women. They also "highlight" all the signs of age - wrinkles and other skin imperfections. But classic hairstyles always adorn fashionable women over 40 years.

A comb à la 80's will not adorn even a young girl. Such a hairstyle makes any image vulgar and a large number of fixing agents, without which it is impossible to make a fouffe, moreover, it will give your hair rigidity. Volume can also be achieved by using less radical hairstyles created with gentle styling products.