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Five common myths about choosing your basic wardrobe

The most common misconceptions about forming a personal basic closet. What mistakes not to make. 5 recommendations to pay attention to.

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Why, while some people get by with 10-30 well-chosen things and always look stylish, others do not have enough of a whole closet - i.e. there is always nothing to wear?

It's all about the lack of a basic closet, which is not so difficult to choose, but it would help you get rid of unnecessary things and always dress with taste.

We decided to refute the most common myths, so you can create your own "universal wardrobe".

Myth #1: There are universal things that fit everyone.

Most people believe that there is some single list consisting of a certain number of things that should be in the closet of every modern person - but, this is a delusion.

The reality is that for each person the basic wardrobe will be unique - based on lifestyle, some "highlights" in appearance, as well as personal preferences. No one knows your tastes and desires better than you, and can't create any universal list.

After all, it is impossible for one dress to sit perfectly on all women.

Базовый женский осенний гардероб

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Myth #2: There's no place for bright colors in a basic wardrobe, you only need neutral shades

A set of clothes that includes only white, gray and black, though can be utilitarian is insanely boring. In order for the clothes in your closet to be in harmony with each other, they do not have to be unsightly and colorless.

It is recommended to choose clothing based on your individual palette - shades that are complementary to your personality and appearance.

The range of colors can be very broad - it will not affect the functionality of things. With a skilful approach, absolutely any colors can be combined harmoniously within the image.

Do offend yourself by "grayness", add some colors to your basic wardrobe.

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Myth #3: Prints have no place in a basic wardrobe

Such a concept as "neutral style" refers to clothes with a laconic cut, without bright decorations, ie without anything unnecessary. Partly the same properties are given to the basic things, to increase their functioning according to the formula "less things - more images". Except that a print has no effect on the functioning and combinability of the wardrobe, and clothes with prints may well be in it as a "base".


Базовый минималистский гардероб

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Myth #4: The base will live forever, it's 'set and forget' kind of thing

There is a myth that a basic wardrobe is timeless and will always be in fashion - this is not true. Of course, if you create your basic set of clothes, that can be updated not too often, but sooner or later you still will need to update it.

Fashion is always changing, so it's impossible to guess what will be fashionable in five years. And that means that the closet must be timely updated. Periodically, the closet still will have to clean up, "sending to deserved rest" much outdated things.

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Myth #5: Only clothes are important, and accessories are unnecessary.

It is said that the style is in the details. It is important to choose them correctly, not by "residual principle" when there is neither time nor desire for a thorough and considered choice of fashionable things.

Over time, you can build your own unique collection, which will transform any, even the most boring clothing combinations into looks worthy of fashion shows.