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Aging naturally: 7 stars who gave up plastic surgery and beauty injections

Aging naturally and with dignity is an art. Some Hollywood stars deliberately refuse Botox and plastic surgery, showing natural beauty.

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Many celebrities keep their youth and beauty by using the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. But there are also stars who deliberately refuse beauty injections and plastic surgery, preferring natural aging and natural appearance.

Julianne Moore

Джулианна Мур

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At her age, the actress looks stunning and she is sure that her red hair and green eyes make her attractive. Moore believes that plastic surgery and rejuvenating injections do not preserve beauty, but make people different, depriving them of charm and individuality. Julianne has a daughter, whom the actress also intends to convince not to go under the knife and not to inject anything into her face.

Sharon Stone

Шэрон Стоун

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The sex symbol and Hollywood star has repeatedly encountered persuasions to use the services of plastic surgeons. But to this day she refuses them, although she believes that if the operation will allow someone to overcome complexes, there is nothing wrong with it. However, Sharon herself proudly masters the art of aging, allows herself "imperfections" and believes that wrinkles and other flaws contribute to the image of sensuality and sexuality.

Jennifer Garner

Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Гарнер

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The 50-year-old talented actress, real beauty and mother of three children told in an interview that she is not familiar with Botox and plastic surgery, and is not going to use them in the future. She humorously noted that she has a large forehead, which after injections will resemble a "giant ice floe".

Monica Bellucci

Моника Беллуччи

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The stunning Monica has long since come to terms with aging and considers the process inevitable and completely natural. She believes that people are afraid to grow old because they think about death. But it is aging, in Bellucci's opinion, that is the only way to live a long life. Fixed plastic surgery or Botox injections, lifeless face Monica prefers wrinkles, and they do not spoil the actress.

Meryl Streep

Мерил Стрип и Дон Гаммер

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Streep never thought her appearance was perfect, but she was able to accept and love it, and, contrary to beauty standards, to find incredible popularity and maintain popularity after 50 years of age. Meryl believes that actors who change their faces with beauty injections and surgeries are like wearing a veil. The actress said in interviews that the less time left, the stronger the desire to remain herself.

Kate Winslet

Кейт Уинслет

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The elegant British woman is adamantly opposed to all surgical procedures. Plastic surgery and other manipulations are against her moral code. Kate wants to preserve the beauty given to her by nature and her parents. She is also sure that her facial expression should be natural and lively, which is very important in an acting career. By the way, Winslet together with other Hollywood stars has even organized a league, whose members are against plastic surgery and convince other women that natural appearance is beautiful and amazing.

Julia Roberts

Джулия Робертс

Once Julia decided on a Botox injection, but the results of the procedure and its consequences frightened the actress, who could not raise an eyebrow after the injection. Roberts is saddened by the fact that modern women simply do not give themselves and their loved ones a chance to see the real themselves in the future. Also, the actress wants her face to be alive and emotional. That way her children can know when their mother is happy, sad, or discouraged.

Growing old naturally and with dignity is an art. And some stars manage to stay in demand, gorgeous and attractive without Botox injections or plastic surgery. It's definitely worthy of respect.