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Elon Musk talked the singer Grimes out of making "elf ears"

The discussion about the possible plastic surgery started on Twitter.

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Ilon Musk commented on the desire of his former lover, Canadian singer Grimes to change her appearance. The girl is notable for her exuberant imagination, certain aesthetic views and loves to experiment.

Earlier this week, she told her followers that two years ago she met with a "great plastic surgeon" and wanted to "change yourself after 30 years. Specifically, she wanted to get sharp "vampire teeth" and "elf ears." "Has anyone had this done without bad consequences?" the 34-year-old singer asked her followers. "I'm afraid the ear cartilage healing will be tough. For me, as a musician, the surgery looks risky, but I've been dreaming about it my whole life, so I'm interested in others' experiences," she wrote.

Musk has been watching this discussion and decided the day before to step in. "The cons of surgery to get elf ears outweigh the pros," he noted. To which his ex-girlfriend lamented that she was born before the time when technology would allow people to change their appearance without much consequence.