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Elon Musk lost 9 kilograms after criticism on social networks

The businessman happily announced this on Twitter, explaining that he adheres to a system of interval fasting.

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At the beginning of the summer, Elon Musk was trolled on social networks for not being in good shape. The paparazzi photographed the billionaire on vacation in Greece as he basked in the sun on a friends' yacht.

The extra pounds and weak muscles gave Ilon away, as they say, with his head. He is busy solving intellectual problems, but with the physical training is clearly not a friend, concluded users of social networks. Musk himself repeatedly gave food for such conclusions, writing, for example, once on Twitter that he does not torture himself with early wakes, waking up at 9:30 and checking his phone first thing for important messages and news.

Илон Маск на отдыхе в Греции, 2022.

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However, as it became known from the same Twitter, the businessman took the recent jokes about his appearance seriously and decided to take care of himself. "On the advice of a good friend, I periodically fast and feel better," Musk wrote, saying that he had already lost 9 kilograms and praising the mobile application "Zero Fasting", which helps him control his food intake. By the way, Ilon's mother, May, is a professional nutritionist and it is possible that she also helped her son to get in shape.