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Rihanna helped waiters clean up the dining room of the restaurant

The famous performer didn't give a hoot to the slow workers of the establishment.

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The singer Rihanna, who has recently become a mother, is slowly returning to the public, and the other day, according to the American media, she took a couple of her girlfriends, whom she had not seen for a long time, to a restaurant.

The restaurant was upscale, but the staff wasn't very nimble at their work. At first they took too long to order, and the star gently pointed this out to the waiters.

When the party finally got underway, it turned out that the place had to close by then. And there was still some tidying up to be done in the hall.

Surely any other star in such a situation would have made a huge scandal. But Rihanna did things differently.

She asked the waiters to stay late so that she and her friends could finish their meal. And then she personally helped the restaurant workers clean up the hall, moving tables and arranging chairs.

It is clear that Rihanna's girlfriends filmed this performance on video, which then hit the social networks. But the singer's fans still cringed.