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Meghan Markle described the worst years of her life

The future Duchess of Sussex in her younger years was a real outcast.

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In her latest interview, Markle surprisingly avoided scandal and accusations against the British royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke mainly about herself, at the same time shared detailes about a stage of her life, which she does not like to remember.

We're talking about high school, when Meghan thought she was the "ugly duckling" because no one wanted to be friends with her.

"I was always sitting alone at my desk, and when I went to the mirror, I hated myself more than anyone else in the world," Markle confessed.

According to her, back then she convinced herself that she was an ugly loser and would never amount to anything in life.

Over the years, she has managed to reevaluate her values and set new priorities. And no matter how anyone treats her, today Megan can no longer be called an ugly loser...