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Jennifer Lawrence recalled her biggest career embarrassment

Nearly a decade has passed since then, and the actress is still going through it.

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"The Oscars are not only the most prestigious awards ceremony in the world of cinema, but also an opportunity for celebrities to shine in all their glory in front of an exquisite audience.

At the 2013 Oscar ceremony, actress Jennifer Lawrence prepared a surprise, with which she was going to stick it to all the other beauties.

The actress appeared on the red carpet in a soft pink bustier dress by Dior, allegedly worth four million dollars.

And at that very moment, when she was going up on stage for the cherished statuette, she stepped on the long edge of the dress and stretched out on the carpet.

Witnesses to her disgrace were the hundreds in the audience and the millions of viewers who glued themselves to the TV screens at that solemn moment. This "tragedy" actress can not forget until now.

"Today I am older and do not react so emotionally to some failures. But when I watch my fall, I still worry, as if it was only yesterday, "- admits the celebrity.