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Josh Duhamel got married for the second time

The 49-year-old actor's girlfriend is Audra Marie, the former beauty queen of Miss America 2018, 28-year-old TV host Audra Marie.

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Josh Duhamel is once again a married man. His first marriage to singer Fergie, which lasted 8 years, officially broke up in 2019. The former spouses had a son Axl Jack, now 9 years old. The second fiancee of the star of the series "The thing about Pam" became Audra Marie, a former beauty pageant contestant, and now an actress and TV host.

The celebration took place in the newlyweds' home state of North Dakota, Fargo. The couple booked a hotel for the occasion, and held a gala banquet in a rooftop restaurant. According to witnesses, the wedding was relaxed and a "beautiful evening".

Одра Мари и Джош Дюамель в день помолвки, январь 2022.

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Josh and Audra started dating in 2019, right after he got a divorce. And about their engagement became known in January of this year. Duhamel then posted on social networks a joint photo with his bride on the beach and said that she found a letter from him with a proposal of marriage in a bottle thrown on the shore. A source close to Marie told reporters that she hopes to live a long and happy life with her husband and be sure to have children with him.