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Britney Spears ruined her longtime friendship with Christina Aguilera

The offended celebrity has already unsubscribed from Britney on social media.

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It seems that singer Britney Spears lives by the principle - not a day without a scandal. And she does it better than being a mother or even just going on stage.

Spears caused yet another scandal that ended a years-long friendship by criticizing her childhood friend the singer and dancer Christina Aguilera.

Britney wrote on her social media page that Aguilera purposely goes on stage surrounded by larger dancers to look more petite and hide her figure flaws.

It is worth saying that not only Aguilera's fans, but even Spears' fans lashed out at her with angry comments after such criticism.

Britney, despite her "prickly" nature, even had to justify herself. "I didn't mean to offend Christina in any way. She does have a beautiful body. It's just that the difference between her and her dancers is too striking," Spears wrote.

But it was too late. Aguilera apparently read her childhood friend's post, too, and unsubscribed from her on social media. And an attempt to reach her, according to Spears, who is trying to reconnect, ended up by Aguilera dropping the call.